Books About Financial Literacy : 8 Recommendation Books About Financial Literacy

Books About Financial Literacy  athere has been no waning traction on the financial books. This can be seen from the sales of books in the business and economic fields which reached the highest level. Business is even the second highest category in book publishing after religion. What are the recommendations for books on financial literacy?


Books About Financial Literacy – Recommendation Books About Financial Literacy

For those of you who are curious and confused about choosing a books about financial literacy, here are some recommendations. These books contain biographies, manage money, investing, economic policies in the government and decisions market. will definitely make your financial planning better.

1.Books About Financial Literacy – Best on Personal Finance: Rich Dad Poor Dad

First tell abouta secret to all investors, not how much money you make but how much money you can save. This is the main premise of Rich Dad Poor Dad. This conversation book considers that finance is important to get wealth. The author is Kiyosaki who took the story from his father.

To quote a lesson from the father of a friend who managed to rise from humble beginnings to create a profitable business. Kiyosaki very clearly took lessons from his father. There are several chapters in the book, for example chapter 2 tells of the american dream of owning a house as a liability and not an asset

2.Books About Financial Literacy – Best Cryptocurrency Reference: The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

You can judge this one book because it is in accordance with the title. From its title, has manage to become a comprehensive reference book for people who are studying in the cryptocurrency. A technologist, Antony Lewis, dared to leave the banking world to join iBit as a place to buy and sell bitcoin.

An interesting chapter of this book is in chapter 9 explains the definition of money from various sides. Starting from cryptography, digital and blockchain. In addition, the author is adept at describing these points through graphs, pictures, pie charts and tables. Bitcoin is currently an interesting electronic asset.

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3.Best Personal Finance Disaster Management: What to Do With Your Money When Crisis Hits

There are two ways you can read Michelle Singletary’s finance book. First is start to finish. The second is to choose the most important topics and read the rest. There are several interesting explanations ranging from how to manage money, dealing with crises to financial problems.

When in the financial crisis phase, Singletary also suggests triage by assessing what to do. For example paying for recently eaten food, completing all transactions with creditors and payment plans. This book is great for readers who have a large income.

4.Books About Financial Literacy – Best Biography: The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life

The chairman and CEO of Barkskire Hathaway, Warren Buffet, who is known as the Oracle of Omaha, has written many books about it. But his personal life in the early days onwards is still a mystery so not many people know. Until this book was launch was an invitation from Alice Schoreder.

The book became a bestseller in New York, tracing the French Huguenots as well as the German heritage. The family motto is, little more than what it produces. One of the most important additions is not getting into debt. Because this habit actually destroys financial conditions even in the future

5.Books About Financial Literacy – The Total Money Makeover

The Total Money Makeover is a book that feels perfect for readers looking to get out of debt. Most of the readers come from people who are in debt. Directing large they are struggling to make ends meet as well as urgently want to complete their responsibilities.

This book will guide readers to help save a lot of money. Initially, it will be known as an introduction to debt and learning about debt consolidation. In addition, they are also taught about preparing an emergency fund as well as making decisions more responsibly

6.Books About Financial Literacy – The Power of Now

Most people are not financially educate. They also do not know how to manage money properly so as not to miscalculate. If you feel you are one of them, then try to read a book about finance call The Power of Now with the basic concepts of building wealth.

This book will help readers to understand who they really are as a person to achieve their respective life goals. This book is written in a simple way while helping to maximize life without having to think about the past because we are currently living in the present.

7.Books About Financial Literacy – Personal Finance for Dummies

Personal Finance for Dummies is one of the best books on finance. This book will teach you how to manage finances. It will also teach you some tips for choosing the right product to buy. This book is intend for readers who have a lot of expenses but want to save.

This book contains several tips for saving, consolidating money to starting investments. In addition, this book also has a focus chapter on saving money through credit cards. Don’t forget that there are also many ways to analyze spending habits so you don’t go out excessively by using a credit card.

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8.Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money and Build Real Wealth by Bola Sokunbi

Bola Sokunbi has help Women to achieve their own financial independence. In this book, we focus on the three pillars of personal finance that money-savvy women must master. Don’t forget also how a healthy financial process can be done. The hope is to be able to live independently without depending on others.

While Bola Sokunbi is an independent money and financial expert who influences. In addition, they will also be taught about financial processes that are proven to be healthy. This writing has the main purpose of teaching and empowering them so that they can achieve independence well.

9.Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in The School

Try to ask anyone they want to study in school. Most of the people will definitely answer about finance. just like in the book Why They Didn’t Teach Me This in School Why They Didn’t Teach Me This in School.

This book was originally intended for the author’s five children to study finance before actually getting into the real world. In addition, this book has also grown into a well-reviewed reading full of financial lessons.

Books About Financial Literacy – For those of you who are interest in various sciences in the field of finance, then you can try reading some of the recommendations books about financial literacy. Of course there is a lot to learn from managing small scale money to big market investments.

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