Financial Abuse in Marriage: How to Identify and What to Do Next

financial abuse in marriageThere are all kinds of abuse in the world out there, even in marriage, and though the one that’s most commonly talked about is the violent, physical domestic abuse, there is another form of abuse such as financial abuse in marriage that’s more deadly and less talked about by the media.

As with most types of abuse, identifying it is always hard, and you might not even know that you’re suffering from financial abuse in marriage. So, what are the tells then? And what should you do next to get out of this vicious situation?

What is Financial Abuse

Financial abuse as its name implies is a form of domestic abuse where a spouse or significant other manipulate, control, and/or seize your financial resources. There are a lot of ways that financial abuse in marriage could happen, but the most common tactic is manipulation.

The abuser may tell their victim that it’s better for their money to be on them to manage. This one is a common manipulation tactic that financial abusers use to their victims. Not only that, they also won’t give their victim any form of independence when it comes to their money.

And as the situation progresses, it will end up with the victim becoming entirely dependent on the abuser for financial support as they may even forbid you from working to gain money. 

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Another form of financial abuse in marriage includes the abuser using violence and intimidation tactics. An abuser that is less subtle with their agenda will threaten the victim with violence into giving them their money.

Due to all of this, financial abuse in marriage is a deadly way of keeping its victim feel trapped and helpless in their situation as they have no money to support themselves and are forced to be entirely dependent on their abusers to provide shelter, food, and security.

But there’s always a silver lining in life, even in something as dark as financial abuse. So, how can one get out of this situation?

Getting out of financial abuse in marriage is oftentimes difficult as you may often feel like they’re indeed doing what’s best for you. If you ever think like this, then please scrap that. This is a common gaslighting tactic that’s used to guilt-trip you into thinking that there’s nothing’s wrong going on and it’s just your brain being paranoid.

Getting out of Financial Abuse

The first step of breaking out of this cycle is to realize that the financial abuser won’t get better. It’s been proven through many domestic abuse cases that a situation such as financial abuse in marriage will only escalate into other forms of abuse that’s can turn your situation from bad to worse.

Yes, there’s a possibility that they may indeed think that they’re doing what’s best for you. but they might not understand that, and if you let it fester and let them do what they want. you will lose your independence entirely in your relationship and even in some cases, in life.

If you realize that your spouse is doing any of these things to you above. call the local hotline as soon as possible, for those residing in the US, the hotline for U.S. National Domestic Violence is 1-800-799-7233.

This hotline can help you out with your situation immensely as it will guide you to a shelter where you can get a short period of housing as well as food, clothes, toiletries, and other necessities in life at no cost whatsoever.

Or if you don’t quite trust another stranger yet to entrust your safety to, you can phone a friend or relative and let them know of your situation. There is always someone willing to help you out there, so please don’t lose hope.

In the meantime, after escaping from your situation, check every credit card that you have and gather details that can help you file an identity theft case to the FTC. 

After doing so, freeze your credit card so that the abuser won’t be able to use it ever again even if they happen to still have it.

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You can also educate yourself financially as you settle down in the shelter you’re staying. Educating yourself with these resources is a great way of making sure that you won’t fall into another financial abuse in marriage again, and the resources are always available out there for you to learn, especially when you’re in a shelter for domestic violence.

Financial abuse in marriage is a real thing that happens in many households. Often the victim may not even realize that they’re in financial abuse. and thus have no way of getting out of it in their lifetime. As such, we hope articles like ours can help give you insight into this cruel thing happening in a lot of marriages.

The moment you spot any tells of financial abuse from what we’ve detailed above. Please immediately contact a hotline or relative and let them know of your situation. We’ve mentioned before that financial abuse doesn’t get better with time. and it’s best to strike ahead to make sure that the damage is kept at a minimum.

If you’re going to a situation like this, please don’t be disheartened. There are always people willing to help you and however small. We hope that this article also helps you in your situation.


And that’s all that we’re able to say in this article on financial abuse in marriage, how to identify it, and what you can do next to address the situation. Once again, we hope that this article is useful to you. and don’t be shy to share with others just to spread the knowledge that yes. financial abuse does exist, and it’s devastating for its victims.

financial abuse in marriage – And should you have any questions or just general thoughts about this article, don’t be shy to leave them in the comments down below, too. That’s all from us for now, thank you for reading, we’ll see you all later in the next article. Stay safe.

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