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Financial Advisors Near Me – A financial advisor or also known is a person who has a role in helping to make a financial plan.  Be it personal finance or corporate finance. 

If you are currently looking for the best financial advisor that you can rely on to help plan your finances, then it is right, if you listen to the list of financial advisor near me that will be given in this discussion.

 Not just a financial advisor, in the list that will be provided, you can find out about which financial advisors provide free, paid services, the closest fiduciary financial advisor, to female financial advisors near you.  So, let’s start with the list below!

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Financial Advisors Near Me – List of 3 financial advisor near me with the Best Credibility

 As explained earlier, that a financial advisor has a duty to assist clients in planning their finances, as well as the finances of the companies they have.One of the reasons why many people need this service is because, there are still many people who have not been able to manage their finances properly. 

In other words, without proper planning and management, of course this will result in a waste, which refers to the activity of spending money on unnecessary things, but ignoring urgent needs.

Therefore, not a few people/companies do rely on a financial advisor to manage their finances, as well as the finances of the companies they own.

 If you are also one of them, who is currently looking for the closest financial advisor to the location where you currently live, then you need to listen to the list below.  Among them:

1.Financial Advisors Near Me – Hendra Global Company

The first financial advisor you can choose is PT Hendra Global Indonesia.  Is one of the closest paid financial advisors, especially for those of you who live in the Tangerang area and its surroundings.

 In its services, PT Hendra Global Indonesia focuses on assisting personal and corporate financial planning related to taxes and preparing financial reports, which include:

  • Financial Advisors Near Me  | Preparation of financial reports on a monthly or annual basis
  • Financial Advisors Near Me  | Monthly tax calculation and reporting
  • Financial Advisors Near Me | Calculation and filling of the company’s annual income tax return, as well as
  • Financial Advisors Near Me | Submission and management of appeal disputes, which include tax appeal disputes and customs appeal disputes

 In fact, for some cases, this one financial advisor is often asked to be the closest fiduciary financial advisor, in which in practice, the client will entrust his assets to be calculated until the preparation of tax reports in more detail. 

To find out about the credibility of this financial advisor, you can see the review of the closest financial advisor PT Hendra Global, which can be seen from the official website on the page. Meanwhile, for those of you who are interested in using a financial advisor that has been established since 2013, you can contact this service at 021-75673027, or at 0811746794.

 Apart from telephone, you can also send an email to the address, or by visiting his office directly at Ruko 6 Serpong Garden number 10, Cibogo, Cisauk, Serpong – Tangerang.  Postal code 15344.

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2.Financial Advisors Near Me | Maksi Media Company

 For those of you who live in the Bandung area, West Java, this closest financial advisor can be an option.  The name of the financial advisory service in question is PT Maksi Media, which will assist you in making bookkeeping, tax reporting, and implementing the system.

 Especially the last one, PT Maksi Media Indonesia has had considerable experience in making system implementations aimed at Jurnal id, Accurate, Rene, Myob, Odoo, and others.

 Meanwhile, for accounting books and tax reporting, this financial advisor has been trusted by many companies, to handle the preparation of the company’s annual tax return, to the preparation of monthly and annual financial reports.

 In addition to the Bandung area itself, PT Maksi Media Indonesia also provides financial consulting for several other regions in Indonesia.  Such as Jakarta, Batam, and other cities in Indonesia.

 You can contact the financial advisor near me y service on this one at 0813-2227-0002, or at (022) 63700792. However, for those of you who live in the Bandung area, especially in the Buah Batu area, Bandung, then you can visit the office directly  which is in the Hurip Studio Complex, Jalan Sanggar Kencana Utama number 39 A, Jatisari, Buah Batu District, Bandung, West Java.  Postal code 40286.

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3. Financial Advisors Near Me | MNC Securities

MNC Sekuritas is a securities company that has been established since 1989, under the auspices of PT MNC Capital Indonesia Tbk.  Where in practice, this one company offers securities services, which include securities trading and online trading.

 Not only that, MNC Sekuritas also acts as the closest free financial advisor, which you can choose, if you plan to manage your finances, to be transferred to the investment sector.  Especially in the field of securities and trading.

 At least there are several financial advisors at MNC Sekuritas who will assist you in planning your finances in the investment field.  In fact, you can choose a female financial advisor, if indeed, you want the closest female financial advisor, as your investment financial advisor.

 Currently, MNC Sekuritas has opened branches in several major cities in Indonesia.  Both those in the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumatra.  You can contact MNC Sekuritas, as the closest financial advisor to the area where you live, if you want to find more information about this financial advisory service.

 However, for those of you who live in the Central Jakarta area, you can visit MNC Financial Center on floors 15-16, Jalan Kebon Sirih number 21-27, Central Jakarta, postal code 10340, to find out about the financial advisory services offered by MNC Sekuritas.  .

 In addition to visiting the head office and branch offices of MNC Sekuritas, you can also contact the financial advisor near me  by telephone at 021-29803111, or via email at the address

Financial Advisors Near Me Those are the recommendations of the 3 financial advisor near me that you can rely on to help you in doing the right financial planning.  Both in terms of tax management, investment and fiduciary asset management.  Whatever your choice, make sure first, that the consulting services are the right financial advisors for what you need at this time.


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