How to Increase Home Value for Appraisal

How to increase home value for appraisal – Let’s call a spade a spade, real estate is a weird market. It’s a market that’s constantly changing, is complicated, and is very much difficult to deal with without prior experiences. As such, when you want to sell your home, it gets harder than it needs to be. To help you out with that, here’s a guide on how to increase home value for appraisal.

Home appraisers are tricky people, after all. You’ve got to know how to increase home value for appraisal if you want your house to be sold at a high price or reasonable price, even.

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Don’t Underestimate Curb Appeal

As with most things in life, one of the most efficient ways how to increase home value for appraisal is to give your appraiser a good impression of your house.

And that’s where curb appeal comes in in all of this. But not everyone knows what curb appeal even means. What even is curb appeal anyway?

Curb appeal is how attractive your house looks from the sidewalk. To put it simply, it’s the first impression people get of your house when they’re looking at it from the sidewalk.

Appraiser, though not a prospective buyer of your house, will look at your house from the sidewalk first and foremost as they first pull up your driveaway.

To make sure that your curb appeal is as appealing as it could ever be, make sure to trim any bushes or hedges in your front yard, don’t let any of them give the impression that they’re overgrown. Repaint the fences should the paint start to disappear. Make sure to have your front yard looks green and lush. 

Brown and sad front yard will tell the appraiser that you don’t take care of your home enough which can be a negative mark in your home appraisal.

All of this goes a long way into making your home appear more valuable to the appraiser and potential buyers.

Deep Clean Your Interior

Continuing with the first impression point of view on how to increase home value for appraisal, the next thing you can do is to give your appraiser a better first impression of your interiors.

After all, having a gorgeous curb appeal means nothing if your interior is like a pigsty. Appraisers are thorough and having a dirty or messy interior can hurt your home value a lot.

As such, make sure to not have any dishes laying around in your house when the appraiser comes. Fix any possible imperfections that you spot. Deep clean your couch and seats and make sure everything is spotless. A good impression goes a long way for a home appraisal and you should make it a top priority if you want your house to be put at a reasonable price.

Repaint Your House

The most effective way on how to increase home value for appraisal in our opinion is to repaint your whole house. It might seem a bit excessive, but giving your house a new paint job can take years off of it and make it seem more appealing and friendly.

It gives your house a whole new light and makes it very attractive for appraisers and buyers alike. On the other hand, you don’t want your house to look old and unkempt by letting its paint job dirty.

Increasing your house value is basically making your appraiser more comfortable in your house. If you’ve got on their good sides, you’re golden.

Set The Right Atmosphere

The next thing you can do on how to increase home value for appraisal is to give your house the right atmosphere. It might not seem important at first, but making your home more comfortable to the appraiser can significantly impact the value of your home in their eyes.

Appraisers who come into a dark, cluttered, and stifling house will put a lot of bad marks on your house. On the opposite, making your house well-lit, welcoming, and warm will make them give a good record for your house.

So before your appraiser come to appraise your house’s value, make sure to declutter and tidy it up.

Upgrade and Document Said Upgrade

The next way on how to increase home value for appraisal is quite obvious. Upgrade and document said upgrade.

The real estate market is constantly changing, and trends and upgrades come and go at any time of the day. Upgrading your countertops to granite instead of marble for example can significantly increase the value of your house.

You can document these upgrades and the upgrades that you’ve already done way back when and let your appraisers know of them when they’re appraising your home as a way on how to increase home value for appraisal.



And that’s a wrap for this article on how to increase home value for appraisal. As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to give your home appraiser a good impression and make them give your house better value in the market. 

All in all, keeping everything neat and taken care of is already a good step forward into how to increase home value for appraisal.

You can do some more specialty things like upgrading your countertops as we’ve mentioned above. Another important thing to note with your appraiser is to give them the space and time to do their job.

You can of course let them know of the upgrades you’ve made to the house and how desirable your neighborhood area is, but generally you don’t want to pester them with questions and/or follow them around the house. Just give them space and they’ll do your job and let you know when they’re finally finished.


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And that’s everything for this article on how to increase home value for appraisal. We hope you find this article helpful in making you more confidence of selling your house in the real estate market, and if you do happen to find it useful, feel free to share it with others who you think might benefit from an article like this.

how to increase home value for appraisal – That’s all from us for now, thank you for reading this article. If you have any lingering questions on this article, don’t be shy to leave them in the comments down below. See you later!

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