creative savings : How to Practice Creative Savings and Save Money

creative savings – Saving for money is a simple concept. Don’t spend too much than what you earned. It’s very straightforward and can be quite easy depending on the person, but it can’t be denied that it’s boring. So, to make saving for money more fun, here’re ways on creative savings that you can try to make your saving business more fun and productive.

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Buy clothes from a thrift store

The first way in creative savings strategies is to buy clothes from a thrift store. After all, you don’t need to buy everything new in your life. There’s no one to impress but yourself. And besides, it’s not like used clothes from thrift stores are bad anyway.

In fact, clothes from thrift stores are actually way more fun and you can find things that you might otherwise not have found had you bought new clothes from a department store only.

So yeah, brand new clothes can be quite expensive and they can add up to a significant amount depending on how much you buy. Try thrifting as a way of creative savings and you’ll find yourself saving a lot more money on clothes than you would otherwise.

Do the $5 trick

This particular creative savings way is very fun and rewarding when you do it. The gist is: whenever you received a $5 bill, put it away in a container or a jar. 

This doesn’t seem much at first, but if you managed to keep up this habit of yours, those $5 will turn into thousands of dollars in a couple of months or weeks, and from then on you can choose to continue saving your $5 bills, or use the ones that you’ve accumulated thus far.

You can even think of this particular way on creative savings as a game to make it more entertaining. The bottom line with this trick is that it doesn’t feel like you’re saving money, but you are and that makes you more productive with this method of saving your money.


Not only volunteering is beneficial for your personal growth, but you can also save money by choosing to volunteer in certain places. For example, think of volunteering at a zoo, you pretty much get a free ticket to see the animals in there.

Yes, you will have to do your responsibilities such as answering questions and showing people where to go, but you can both do that and enjoy yourself while not paying a single penny for the attractions.

You can even volunteer at an art museum or the local theater if you don’t want to volunteer in a zoo.

Do the 30-days rule

Another that can be considered a creative savings trick is the 30-days rule. What is it?

Well, you know how good people are at giving you an ad that you will most definitely be interested in? Yes, people are that good at stalking your internet behavior and can make a pretty tempting offer based on your search histories.

This is of course a problem especially if you have some history of buying on impulse. To combat this, you can just take a screenshot of the ad that you see and really want and put it in a folder on your computer.

Leave it as is, and wait for thirty days. After thirty days, open those ads again and see whether you still want the products or not. If you still want it, you can buy it, but if you don’t then you’ve already saved your money instead of buying things that you will not even use thirty days later.

Review and cancel your subscriptions

These days and age, subscription services are the names of the game. Literally, everything has some sort of subscription product attached to it. Due to this, it won’t be surprising to see that subscriptions become a very expensive thing to keep track of.

A way on creative savings to get you out of this situation is to actually review every subscription service that you may have. List down every service that you don’t use as much anymore and cancel it.

You will be surprised at how much money you’ll save this way. Subscription services can be very expensive, after all. And you shouldn’t need to worry about your entertainment needs anyway seeing how many other forms of entertainment are available on the internet.

Automate your savings

There are probably options in the work that you do that let you put a portion of your paycheck into a saving account automatically the moment you earned it. If your job happens to have this, make sure to opt into it. 

Automating your savings is not only a creative approach to this issue, but it’s also a very effective one that will ensure you have enough savings for any emergencies in the future. And as you don’t need to do it yourself, you don’t have to worry about it in the slightest. You will have to settle for a lower paycheck though which sucks. 

But seeing as it’s for your future security, it’s definitely a worthwhile sacrifice to make.



And ladies & gentlemen, those were some creative savings strategies you can use to make your saving and budgeting a little less boring. It is an important task to do, but we rarely have the motivation on it. There are of course other creative savings strategies you can employ, but the ones we listed above are the most effective ones.

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At least for our purposes, anyway. Feel free to combine and contrast these creative savings strategies with your own things to make it more fun for you. At the end of the day, the main purpose of doing all of this is to give you an incentive into saving more for your financial stability.

creative savings – All in all, that’s everything we can say for today’s article. We hope you find it useful, and if you do, feel free to share it with others who might be looking for creative ways they can save their money. That’s all for now, thank you for reading, we’ll see you all later.

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