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Jim Robertson Finance Bay Area – Talking about financial services , especially in the bay and coastal areas/areas, it’s incomplete if you don’t talk about Jim Robertson Finance bay area. Where this financial service does serve a variety of consulting and financial transactions for the bay area and its surroundings.

For those who still feel unfamiliar with this one financial service, there is nothing wrong if you listen to this review. Because on this occasion, you will be invited to talk about one of the companies engaged in providing the best financial services, originating from the United States, as well as to identify the person behind it.

Do you feel curious, about the figure in question? You will find out about it soon. Of course, by listening to some of the following information. For that, let’s look at the following important information

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 What is Jim Robertson Bay Area Finance?

Judging from the name, it is clear that the founder and owner of one of the companies engaged in providing financial services for the Gulf region is Jim Robertson.  But before talking about this figure, first you need to know what Jim Robertson Finance bay area is.  For that, you can listen to some of the following information.

Jim Robertson Finance bay area is one of the consulting services and financial transactions founded by Jim Robertson.  At first, this San Francisco-based financial service only served financial services for areas in the United States gulf region.  But now, this financial service is starting to focus on helping the financial problems of a number of people living in developing countries.

In their daily life, this financial service will provide advice and assistance in financial matters.  Specifically regarding financial matters which include:


It is undeniable that most of the problems faced by business people and businesses come from the capital factor.  In other words, almost half of the business actors/businesses, experience capital problems which are quite risky.

Where usually the business actors / businesses will try to seek financial assistance, to continue the business / business they run.  While others, even openly closed their businesses, citing lack of capital.

For that reason, Jim Robertson Finance bay area is here to provide advice and financial assistance in the form of capital, which is provided by business people / businesses who are domiciled in the area around the bay and the coast.  Not only that, this financial company will also act as a consultant, by providing advice and consultation, regarding financial management, in the form of capital that has been provided by the company.

 2. Corporate Retirement Program

In addition to helping with capital, Jim Robertson Finance is also often asked to solve various financial problems related to the company’s pension program.  In a sense, every company that will prepare a pension fund for its employees can rely on Jim Robertson Finance, as the best financial service center.

 3. Education

Until now, there have been many clients from Jim Robertson Finance bay area who claimed to be very helpful in obtaining assistance in the form of education funds, which were intended for their children.  Some of them have even been accepted in various well-known universities and institutions, according to their children’s wishes.

 4. Health

As a client of Jim Robertson Finance, you can manage your finances, even in preparing an emergency fund, if you need hospital care and treatment services.

Because apart from the above programs, the health program is one of the programs that are always available at Jim Robertson Finance’s services.  Whether it’s health fund services for the United States, as well as in other developing countries, which exist throughout the world.

5. Investment

In several service and investment industries, Jim Robertson Finance bay area assists them in financing part, or all of their investment.  In addition to assisting in providing investment funds, Jim Robertson Finance also indirectly helps them, on how to serve customers, as well as in forming a more solid team.

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 Get to know Jim Robertson, the Founder of Jim Robertson Finance Bay Area

Jim Robertson was a lawyer, who later founded a company, which is now known as Jim Robertson Finance bay area.  By taking its name, this company engaged in financial services in the gulf region and developing countries not only provides financial assistance, but also provides advice and consultation on how business people and individuals, in managing finances, from their companies.

At the company he started, Jim Robertson is responsible for company management, accounting, taxation, and matters relating to internal law, which are in accordance with his profession, namely as a lawyer.

Prior to establishing Jim Robertson Finance bay area, Jim Robertson had worked and founded several other companies.  Among them:

  • Technology based company located in San Francisco bay area
  • Disk drive company founder
  • Start-up company
  • Board of directors of First Bank
  • Former chairman of the board of directors of northern Baldwin utility district
  • Former president of the Holly Hills Country Club

With the various experiences gained while working in these companies, it is not surprising that Jim Robertson has quite a number of skills / abilities.  Some of his skills include human resource management, estate planning, business sales, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, recruitment and team building, as well as administration of benefits and compensation.

During his time as lawyers, several of his clients were important figures from business circles who owned companies in the technology sector, banks, and several other non-profit companies.

It doesn’t stop there.  long before establishing Jim Robertson Finance bay area, this man who graduated from the University of Maryland College Park in the field of entrepreneurship is also fairly active as a member of the committee for the annual conference of the financial professional association which was held in 2012.

Apart from his experience in corporate governance, Jim Robertson is also not quite satisfied with the degree he received from the University of Marryland College Park.  Therefore, a few years later, Jim Robertson then continued his education at the University of Pennsylvania, and earned an MBA.  While the MSC he currently holds, he got after studying at the University of Reading, especially in the field of management.

Meanwhile, to complete his bachelor’s degree, Jim Robertson then chose the University of California, Los Angeles, which was then continued by taking one of the majors at the University of Stanford.

Before intending to become a lawyer, and later founding Jim Robertson Finance bay area, Jim Robertson had chosen to be in the Navy and joined the United States Navy, for 3 years.

It was only later, after it was felt that the field was not his field of interest, that he finally tried to take law school at Yale School Law, although in the end he did not pass the exam.

However, the opportunity to become a lawyer then opened wide, when he attended a bible seminary in New York, where he earned a Master of Divinity degree, and at the same time became a member of the American Law Institute.

With the various educational backgrounds he has taken, as well as the various experiences he has, which is supported by several important figures behind him, Jim Robertson has finally succeeded in becoming a lawyer, as well as the founder of one of the largest financial companies in the bay area at this time, which is none other than Jim  Robertson Finance bay area.

The question now is, who are the important figures who helped him in developing Jim Robertson Finance?  You will find out soon in the next review below.


 Other Figures Supporting Jim Robertson Finance Bay Area

Although perhaps the owner and founder of Jim Robertson Finance is Jim Robertson himself.  but it is undeniable, the success of Jim Robertson Finance’s financial services in the bay area cannot be separated from several other important figures, who work behind it.

Some of these important figures include:

 1.James L Robertson

Is one of the leaders and also a professional recruitment expert who has worked at Jim Robertson Finance services for more than 20 years.  Apart from working at Jim Robertson Finance, James L Robertson is also known as one of the consuls at Wise Carter since 1993.

In fact, this graduate from Harvard Law School has also worked at the Mississippi Supreme Court in terms of public service, which is in accordance with the public education he has studied.  Not only that, with his legal knowledge, James L Robertson has also taught at 3 different law schools, and is actively writing about state law and the history of Mississippi law and humanity.

Even though he may have a basis in the field of law, this does not necessarily make him only fixated on the field of law and public services.  Furthermore, James L Robertson began to study financial science, until finally he joined Jim Robertson Finance bay area.

The experience and expertise in recruiting the HR network from Jim Robertson Finance has directly helped this financial company to continue to grow to this day.

It did not stop there, its role in terms of financial services was also proven by helping the University of Michigan, to get permission to invest in venture capital.

Apart from working in Jim Robertson Finance bay area, James L Robertson also leads several other companies.  Among them:

Robertson Stephen.  In this company, James L Robertson helped build the financial infrastructure in the technology sector.  But later, the company was eventually acquired by Bank of America

Francisco Partners.  Is a private equity company with an investment value of USD 10 billion

 2. Greg Groodere

His role in the development and success of Jim Robertson Finance is proven by Greg Groodere by serving as a dataquest expert, as well as vice president in the field of Human Resources (HR) and also operations of Jim Robertson Finance.

This is indeed in accordance with the skills he has, namely as a company technology expert.  In addition to working at Jim Robertson Finance for 20 years, Greg Groodere also worked at a software company, Coner Peripherals, which has assets worth USD 2.5 billion.

Prior to joining Jim Robertson Finance bay area, Greg Groodere also worked in several companies.  Among them:

  • As deputy director of the Santa Clara Bab
  • As director of personnel at KLA Instrument Corporation, and also
  • Founder and manager of a company engaged in the manufacture of disk drives

 3. Felisa Robertson

Felisa Robertson started working in Jim Robertson Finance bay area since 2004.  A graduate of Auburn University in 1991, he is known to have extensive experience in commercial litigation.

In fact, with her skills, Felisa and another partner, namely Jim Dawson, have successfully handled the price grouping action, which resulted in around USD 2 billion in funds, which were obtained from aggregate recovery.  On the other hand, Felisa is also known as one of the partners of the 2 best partners owned by the Robertson, Andreoli, and Convington companies.  While the other partner named Shelby Carroll.

 4. Jim Dawson

Together with Felisa Robertson, Jim Dawson has worked on the problem of grouping prices which in the end could generate funds of around USD 2 billion.  At this Jim Robertson Finance company, Jim Dawson gave his appreciation as a speaker, in which the position was actually in accordance with his skills and profession, namely as a writer and speaker.

In fact, with these two skills, Jim Dawson was awarded the Burton award as the best legal writer.  In addition to working in the Jim Robertson Finance bay area, Jim Dawson is also actively working as a Covid 19 class action program, at an insurance company.

 5. Sonie Robertson

Prior to working in Jim Robertson Finance bay area, Sonie Robertson worked as a finance executive at a company called VeriSign, which was engaged in internet and communication services.

She worked for 7 years, before finally choosing to join Jim Robertson Finance, in 1991. For decades, this Harvard University graduate has served as a global FP&A supervisor, performance management, and accounting at one of the Gulf region’s financial companies, which  none other than this Jim Robertson Finance.

Apart from Jim Robertson and VeriSign, Sonie Robertson has also worked in several companies.  Among them are companies engaged in the telecommunications, aerospace, and health industries.

That’s some information about Jim Robertson Finance bay area that can help you get to know one of the companies engaged in this financial service more closely.

Jim Robertson Finance Bay Area – Are you having financial problems with your business?  So there is nothing wrong if you ask for the help of Jim Robertson Finance, which is now present in several developing countries, all over the world.  This includes developing countries in Southeast Asia.

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