Liberty Insurance Phone Number And What Is Liberty Health Insurance?

Liberty Insurance Phone Number – Liberty Mutual Insurance Company can provide comprehensive solutions for people’s insurance needs. Liberty Insurance offers many insurance products, including car insurance, health insurance, commercial insurance, and more. Liberty Mutual is based in Boston and was formed in 1912. Liberty insurance phone number available for every country in the Liberty network.

Today, Liberty Mutual operates in many other countries besides the US. We can get Liberty Insurance services in China, the UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and many more.

Liberty Insurance Phone Number – What Insurance Does Liberty Provide?

Through the first Liberty insurance phone number, you can ask what services Liberty insurance provides. Liberty offers at least 8 kinds of individual insurance; here are some of them:

1. Health Insurance

Quite a variety of plan levels for health insurance, MyHealth, proMediCash, proMediCare, and proMedico.

2. Home Insurance

Home care has 3 tiers, and you can use this insurance for the building itself, renovations, personal liability, contents, and more.

3. Personal Accident

There are various insurance plans for personal accidents. Liberty Insurance can meet the needs of every age group. Some types of personal accident insurance are Senior Care, Family Care, and PA Care +. To know details for each type, just contact the Liberty insurance phone number.

4. Travel Insurance

If any of you want to travel, Liberty has 2 types of travel insurance. The first category is TourCare Plus which you can use for hospitalization assistance, accident coverage, medical, daily hospital benefit, and emergency evacuation.

The other category is Overseas StudentCare, and this travel insurance helps students with repatriation needs, medical attention, and emergency evacuation.

5. Car Insurance

There are 4 categories of vehicle insurance provided by Liberty, motorcycle insurance, car insurance, warranty for repairs, and damages, whether it is for electrical or mechanical. Then the last category is Privilege Motor, and this package can be used for cars with high specs.

You can call the Liberty insurance phone number for details about this car insurance.

6. Golfer’s Insurance

For those of you who are golfers, choose worldwide insurance for golfers. This insurance includes benefits for personal accidents, personal liability, golf equipment, hole-in-one benefits, medical expenses, etc.

7. Pet Insurance

PetCareLiberty is suitable insurance for animal lovers. This insurance covers pets such as cats and dogs. Coverage starts from accidental death, theft, injury, and vet bills.

8. Maid Insurance

Liberty provides MaidCare, an insurance package for foreign workers. The main benefits range from hospitalization, bond, surgery, personal accident, levy reimbursement, wages, and many more.

Next, we will discuss the Liberty insurance phone number.

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Liberty Insurance Phone Number and Other Contacts?

You can message Liberty Mutual with your questions or concerns at any time. Just send your message to 80361, and standard rates apply. You can contact Liberty using social media too, just tweet to @AskLiberty.

Alternatively, send a message to Facebook, “Liberty Mutual”. For those of you who want to contact Liberty by phone, call the Liberty insurance phone number please. Use 1-800-290-8711 when you dial CS.

What Is LibertyMyhealth And Why Should You Choose It?

Liberty offers several plans for health insurance services for individuals. The Liberty International MyHealth Insurance categories are Extensive, Essential, and Elite with claim limits (annual) and coverage upgrades. Find out more via the global Liberty insurance phone number.

One of the main benefits of Liberty Health Insurance is the high claim limit and there are many other advantages of LibertyMyHealth. Liberty International Insurance MyHealth Essential is the most basic option among Liberty Insurance’s international health insurance plans.

Despite being basic, MyHealth Essential offers high coverage for an entry-level health insurance class. The benefits of this plan include 90 and 30 days of inpatient (pre/post) coverage, full hospitalization, and outpatient surgeries. Other benefits include cancer treatment, repatriation, organ transplant, and emergency evacuation.

You can purchase add-ons through Liberty Health Insurance, and your insurance plan can be customized for lifestyle needs. Such as maternity, optical, dental, or outpatient benefits. Just contact Liberty insurance phone number.

Those Who Should Use LibertyMyHealth International Insurance

If you are one of the following, it is recommended to use the insurance service from Liberty International MyHealth.

– Young Workers and Students

LibertyMyHealth Essential Insurance is an ideal choice for those who want to move to another country either for study or work. They may need additional international insurance. They can be financially protected even in the event of a medical emergency. Unexpected medical events that occur while abroad are not a problem for them.

– No Pre-Existing

While Liberty International Health Insurance Essential has a high coverage limit (annual), it does not include pre-existing conditions. The Essential plan also does not cover pregnancy complications.

LibertyMyHealth Insurance International Coverage

You need to know some of the coverage provided by Liberty Health Insurance. Here are some of them:

– Hospitalization

If you are hospitalized for the day or overnight, Liberty Insurance MyHealth International can cover the full cost.

– Annual Limit

Liberty International MyHealth Essential plan is very high. In Singapore, the annual limit is S$2 million. To find out the amount of other annual limits, you can call the Liberty insurance phone number.

– Pre-Post Hospitalization

If the client wants 30-day care for hospitalization, it is advisable to seek continuous aftercare for up to 90 days after hospitalization. You can claim this treatment under your Liberty Essential MyHealth plan.

– Adult Screening

If you have the Liberty International Essential Plan, you can enjoy a fixed rate of copayment at Liberty Panel hospitals and clinics. For example, pap smear, mammogram, prostate examination, and so on.

– Parental Accommodation

If your child is insured under the policy and hospitalized, you can claim parental accommodation at the hospital under LibertyMyHealth Essential.

– Outpatient Surgery

You may be diagnosed with a certain illness that does not require hospitalization. The illness requires you to visit a hospital/clinic for a short surgery. The cost for such treatment is covered by LibertyMyHealth Essential Insurance.


If you are diagnosed with HIV/AIDs, there is a lifetime limit to make a claim, for example, S$135,000 in Singapore. For other countries, just call the Liberty insurance phone number. You need to pay attention to the waiting period if you want to use this LibertyMyHealth Essential Insurance benefit.

– Outpatient Treatment

If your diagnosis is a long-term illness and requires long-term treatment, it is covered by the LibertyMyHealth Essential Insurance program. Such as organ transplants, and cancer treatments.

– Cash Benefits

For the hospitalized, LibertyMyHealth Essential pays S$150 (per night) and a maximum of 30 nights. Each country may have different fees, so you need to pay close attention.

– Emergency Medical Repatriation and Evacuation

This MyHealth Insurance Essential plan from Liberty offers you US$1 million (Singapore) for emergency repatriation and evacuation.

– Walk-in Emergency Treatment

You’ll get S$300 (Singapore) for coverage when you have to walk into the Accident department for treatment.


All Liberty Plans For Health Insurance

LibertyMyHealth Essential has comprehensive coverage for you, the annual claim limit is high for the basic class. This Liberty international insurance plan can offer many benefits to fulfill your every need.

Of the many benefits of the LibertyMyHealth plan, it can offer many attractive benefits. You will get benefits ranging from HIV treatment, fixed rates, daily cash, fixed rates, and so on.

But you should also note that LibertyMyHealth does not cover ICU, hereditary conditions, ICU, pregnancy complications, and kidney dialysis. Here’s a look at each of the Liberty plans for health insurance.

– LibertyMyHealth Health Insurance International

Health insurance from LibertyMyHealth has three different levels that you need to know about. Essential, Elite, and Extensive tiers. If you need more medical coverage for your medical needs, you need to choose the right class.

– LibertyproMediCash

LibertyproMediCash is a daily benefit that offers hospital cash benefits (S$100 – S$500) This benefit is valid for any accident or illness for up to 500 days. There are other benefits that you can get which are benefits for daily ICU, Get Well, and so on.

– LibertyproMediCare

proMediCare is another category of health insurance from Liberty. This plan offers coverage for ICU, hospitalization, anesthesia costs, surgeries, and so on. The proMediCare plan has 4 tiers. If you want additional coverage, you need to select the appropriate tier.

Contact the Liberty insurance phone number if you want to know more about proMediCare.

– LibertyproMedico

proMedico will cover surgery and hospitalization. Long-term treatments will also be covered, such as kidney dialysis, cancer chemotherapy, mobility aids, transportation, and many others.

This plan has 5 different levels, Premier, Prime, Premier Plus, Prestige Plus, and Prestige.

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Liberty provides health insurance, this Liberty Insurance segment offers many insurance packages for your health. If you still have questions, you can contact Liberty insurance phone number San Antonio Tx for more information. Use the Liberty Insurance customer service contact number according to the country where you are located.

Liberty Health Insurance covers all healthcare or hospitalization for anyone. The comprehensive packages from Liberty Health Insurance have prices that will not burden you. Liberty Insurance also offers a cashless system for all hospitals that are included in the company’s network.

That’s the article about Liberty insurance, health insurance from Liberty, and Liberty insurance phone number.

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