Liberty Mutual Insurance Phone Number And What Is Liberty Car Insurance?

Liberty Mutual Insurance Phone Number – Liberty Mutual has many optional coverages with many discounts and excellent services. Liberty provides some of the best insurance programs, the insurance here has a pay-per-mile and usage-based insurance system. Liberty’s customer service is also reliable, through Liberty mutual insurance phone number and other contacts.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Phone Number -Some Benefits of Liberty Car Insurance

One type of insurance provided by Liberty is car insurance. There are many benefits that you can get from Liberty car insurance. This insurance has a gap insurance feature, this feature is useful for those of you who are leasing or financing a car. Apart from gap insurance, Liberty car insurance also offers new replacements.

The new replacement is a service for those who have a new car, or better replacement for cars that are already one year old. Another benefit of Liberty car insurance is that it provides special insurance coverage for teachers’ cars.

This car insurance also has a usage-based program or RightTrack and easy-access Liberty mutual insurance phone number claims. RightTrack can reduce insurance rates for good drivers. Another advantage of Liberty car insurance is the ByMile or pay-per-mile program. This program means that drivers will pay according to how many miles they drive.

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Liberty Insurance Phone Number

You can call or message Liberty mutual insurance phone number for claims, concerns, or questions at any time. Send to 80361, and you can contact using tweeter too, tweet to @AskLiberty. To contact by phone, call the number 1-800-290-8711.

What Are The Car Insurance Coverages From Liberty Mutual?

Liberty provides several types of insurance like other companies, there are several basic types of coverage provided by Liberty Mutual.

1. Liability insurance

This coverage includes paying for property damage or injury. If you accidentally cause such damage to another party, this Liberty service will cover it. Liability insurance covers the cost of a court or legal judgment if you are sued because of the accident.

2. Medical payments

Coverage of payments in the medical field. Liberty will pay the necessary expenses for both drivers and passengers injured in an accident, regardless of fault. Usually, the amount for this coverage is quite small ranging from $1,000 – $5,000.

Medical payments from Liberty Mutual are known as MedPay. MedPay is not always available for every state. Find out which states through Liberty mutual insurance phone number.

3. Liberty Mutual Insurance Phone Number – Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage

Uninsured means paying for both medical expenses for you and your passengers, as well as for vehicle damage. But only if the uninsured driver hit or caused the accident. Uninsured motorist is essential for some states but can be optional for others.

Underinsured coverage means paying for both personal and passenger medical expenses, as well as damage to the car. Unlike the uninsured, the driver who caused the accident has insufficient liability insurance.

4. Protection for personal injury

This insurance pays for medical bills when injured in a car accident, but does not consider a fault. Replacement services and lost wages will also be paid. Call the Liberty mutual insurance phone number for more details about this coverage.

5. Comprehensive insurance

This insurance pays for the replacement and repair of the car if it is damaged or stolen. Damage can occur due to vandalism, fire, flood, bad weather, hail, hitting an animal, or falling objects.

6. Collision insurance

This Liberty insurance pays to replace or repair the car if it is damaged by a collision or an accident related to an object such as a tree or fence. This insurance pays regardless of fault.

There are quite a few types of coverage provided by car insurance from Liberty Mutual. Just customize the type of policy or plan according to your needs. If you are confused, try contacting the Liberty mutual insurance phone number in oklahoma city or other cities.

Additional Liberty Insurance Options For Car Coverage

Liberty Mutual provides car insurance that has add-on features to make your coverage more extensive. Here are some add-ons from Liberty car insurance that you can choose from:

– Accident forgiveness

One of the optional coverage is accident forgiveness. This coverage keeps rates to be minimal even after a first accident. The requirement for accident forgiveness is that you must be both violation-free and accident-free (last 5 years). For other requirements, contact the Liberty mutual insurance phone number.

– Diminishing deductible

The meaning of the diminishing deductible is that the claims check results in a subtracted amount when there is a collision because of you. Liberty will offer diminishing deductibles through deductible funds.

Drivers can reduce the deductible amount annually up to $100. Drivers who participate in the deductible fund system need to pay up to $30 annually. Then, in return, the company will lower the deductible each year up to $ 100.

If you have already made an insurance claim, you will get a reduced deductible. This will be based on a deductible fund.

For example, if you have a $600 deductible, then an accident occurs after taking the deductible fund plan for four years. The deductible will be reduced to $300, this number will be your deductible and the remainder will be $300.

– Gap insurance

If you finance or lease a car, the company provides gap insurance for you. If the car is stolen or totaled, this insurance pays based on the difference between the car value and your lease or loan amount.

Get access to the Liberty mutual insurance phone number if you are still confused.

– New car replacement

There is a replacement for a new car provided by Liberty Mutual. This coverage applies to drivers who own a new car. If the car is stolen during the first year or before 15,000 miles, Liberty provides money to you. So, you can buy a car but of the same model.

Without car replacement, it will be paid with your vehicle amount before the accident minus the deductible.

– Lifetime guarantee for repairing car

This lifetime guarantee provides repairs due to accidents but must be at a Liberty network shop if you want to fix the car. Another facility is that Liberty will pay directly to the relevant repair shop for car repairs.

You can also keep track of your car’s repair progress by using the Liberty app.

– Original parts replacement

This parts replacement coverage only uses original products. However, there are times when original parts are not available and may even be discontinued. In such cases, Liberty will pay for re-conditioned or comparable parts.

– Roadside assistance

There is an optional 24-hour roadside assistance coverage, please call the Liberty mutual insurance phone number for assistance. This Liberty Mutual service can help if the vehicle cannot be used. This service will pay for either labor or towing coverage.

This will pay for battery problems, towing your car to the repair facility, flat tire problems, emergency delivery for fuel, helping unlock door problems, and so on.

– Reimbursement for a rental car

Coverage for rental cars varies by state, there is also a daily limit that you need to know. If you use Liberty Mutual repair shop, you will be fully reimbursed until your car is fully repaired. If you don’t use the repair shop, there may be certain limits.


Liberty Mutual Insurance Phone Number – Liberty Mutual Discounts For Auto Insurance

Liberty Mutual offers many discounts for auto insurance services. It will be more beneficial for you who is a safe driver. Liberty insurance discounts may vary depending on the state you are in. Contact the Liberty mutual insurance phone number for more information.

Here are some types of discounts that you can use on insurance services provided by Liberty Mutual:

> Course of accident prevention

If you have completed the accident prevention lesson/ course, you will get this discount.

> Accident-free

You can get this discount if your driving record is accident-free.

> Advanced features for safety

If your car has adaptive lights, ESP, or anti-lock brakes, you can get this discount.

> Anti-theft

A car with anti-theft technology is enough to qualify for this Liberty discount.

> Alternative energy

If you have an electric/hybrid car, you can receive this discount.

> Claims-free

If you are a claims-free driver, you can enjoy a claims-free discount.

> Good student

For students who have a B average (better), this Liberty discount is a reward for your hard work.

> Homeowner

For those of you who already own a home, you’re pretty much eligible for LibertyMutual’s homeowner discount.

> Multi-car

Another discount option is the Multi-Car discount, you can enjoy this discount if you insure 2 or more cars.

> Military

Maybe some of you are military members or military retirees, you can get an insurance discount from Liberty. This discount is a token of appreciation for your service.

> Multi-policy

If you have two or more Liberty insurance policies, you can get this discount. For example, you use a bundle of home and car insurance.

> Liberty Mutual Insurance Phone Number – Paperless policy

With the concept of paperless, you are already qualified to get one of the discounts from Liberty car insurance.

> Online purchase

This discount is available when purchasing a Liberty car insurance plan online. For signing, it will be written electronically. For the steps, find out via Liberty mutual insurance phone number.

> Pay-in-full

Discounts are available when paying for the policy in one or two installments.

> Preferred payment

Your money and time can be saved if you schedule payments using your bank account.

> Violation-free

If your driving record is violation-free, then you can receive a violation-free discount from Liberty.


If you need the best insurance for your car, then choose insurance services from Liberty Mutual. Many types of coverage can be customized according to your needs. What’s more, there are many types of discounts too, so almost everyone can enjoy attractive discounts from Liberty Mutual.

To understand more about Liberty Mutual insurance services, please call the Liberty mutual insurance phone number.

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