Lowest Travel Insurance : 5+ Lowest Travel Insurance

lowest travel insuranceChoosing travel insurance is the best option when you decide to travel.  But it’s a good idea to choose the lowest travel insurance, which offers a premium that fits your budget.  Why is that?

Because of course this will affect your finances.  Especially for those of you who will be traveling for a long time.  Whether it’s for a vacation, or a trip for your business.  For that, let’s look at the list of travel insurance with the lowest premiums below!

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Lowest Travel Insurance – What is the lowest travel insurance?

As mentioned above, what is meant by the lowest travel insurance is a number of travel insurances that offer the lowest premium, or the cheapest.

Actually, the benchmark for this lowest premium will be different for each person.  Because even though it is possible, the premiums offered by the insurance company are considered cheap enough for you, but not necessarily for others.

Not to mention, if the benchmark for the lowest travel insurance premium is assessed from the coverage benefits provided by the insurance company.  Because even though the amount of premium offered is relatively low, if the coverage benefits provided are also fairly minimal, then it is possible that many people still feel hesitant to choose this travel insurance.

Talking about travel insurance, do you know what this travel insurance is?  Do you think this travel insurance is the same as vacation insurance?

To find out, let’s look at the following explanation.  Travel insurance is one type of insurance that provides protection for everyone who will travel.

In other words, travel insurance provides protection for travel insurance participants starting from departure at the airport, to their destination, or to their place of origin.  The protection includes protection against delays in transportation means, baggage and luggage, protection against accidents, guaranteeing maintenance costs during travel, and others.

Meanwhile, when viewed based on the purpose and type of trip taken, travel insurance is divided into several types.  Among them:

1.Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance is also known as vacation insurance.  This is because, this type of travel insurance is often used for tourists who want to travel for vacation purposes.

2.Travel Accident Insurance

Travel accident insurance is a type of travel insurance designed to provide protection against possible accidents during travel.  Whether it’s when traveling for tourism, treatment, business trips, or for work purposes.

Although indeed, this accident protection has also been guaranteed in other types of travel insurance.  For example, comprehensive accident insurance, which provides protection against accidents during the holidays.

But it can be said, this travel accident insurance does offer benefits for the possibility of accidents on all types of trips.  Even so, you still need to choose this type of travel accident insurance with a premium that fits your budget.

Because as is known, although both are travel accident insurance, it cannot be denied that there are types of insurance that offer the lowest travel insurance.  But there are also those who offer a fairly expensive premium.

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3.Travel Insurance for Medical and Medical Purposes (Health)

In addition to the two travel insurance above, travel insurance for medical and medical purposes is also a type of travel insurance that is made specifically.  Especially those intended for medicinal and medical purposes.

Because as is known, there are several hospital patients who are referred for treatment and care at several other hospitals, which are outside the city, or abroad.

Thus, the presence of the lowest travel insurance with health (medical) purposes can be an alternative, while reducing the burden on patients.  This is of course because, if the patient chooses medical travel insurance with an expensive premium, for example, the patient not only has to prepare the cost of treatment/treatment, but also other costs used to pay the insurance premium.

And it is not impossible, if the premium to be paid is taken from the funds for the treatment/treatment.  Where this will certainly add to the burden / new problems for patients.  In addition to the burden of the cost of care / treatment of course.

4.Travel Insurance for Medical Evacuation Purposes

It’s not really new, if a patient who is going to travel for treatment and care outside the city/overseas, it turns out that he needs an emergency medical evacuation, with the aim of traveling/evacuating to the nearest hospital, or medical evacuation heading to his area/country of origin.

For this reason, travel insurance offers travel insurance for the purpose of medical evacuation.  Actually, this type of travel insurance is not only intended for people who travel for medical purposes, but can also be used by insurance participants who want to travel for other purposes, such as vacations, business trips, business trips, and others.

5.Special Travel Insurance

In addition to those mentioned above, travel insurance also offers other types of insurance, one of which is special travel insurance.  Where this type of travel insurance does offer special protection.

Usually used for one way trips (1 trip), and includes coverage for flight/train/cruise delays, baggage and luggage, hotel check-in, accommodation, and more.

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6.Single Trip/One Way Travel Insurance

This type of travel insurance is offered for 1 trip only.  Usually this type of travel insurance is offered along with plane tickets, train tickets, or cruise tickets.  Some are even offered by travel agents, which are paid together with the chosen holiday package.

Even so, you still have to be observant of the travel insurance offered with the ticket or vacation package.  It’s good, you choose the lowest travel insurance, but with comprehensive benefits.

7.Annual Travel Insurance

Unlike the types of single trip or one way travel insurance, this type of annual travel insurance is intended for insurance participants who frequently travel.  At least that is calculated for 1 year.

By using annual travel insurance, insurance participants do not need to apply for insurance repeatedly, for each trip.  In a sense, insurance participants only register for insurance once, but with insurance benefits that can be enjoyed for various trips, which are carried out in that year.

Lowest Travel Insurance – 5 Travel Insurance with the Lowest Premium

To make it easier for you to choose the right travel insurance for your needs, but also one that offers low premiums, you can check out the list of insurance companies below.

Where the insurance company that will be mentioned below is a type of travel insurance that not only offers low premiums, but also provides comprehensive protection, with services on a global (international) scale.

Some of the insurance companies in question include:

 1. Lowest Travel Insurance – Visitor Coverage

Visitor Coverage is an insurance company based in California, United States.  To guarantee the journey of each insurance participant, this insurance company offers services in the form of International Travel Insurance.

Where the travel insurance service is intended for citizens of the United States and non-US citizens, who will travel abroad.  Especially with regard to health protection during travel.

This includes costs for medical treatment and care due to injuries, accidents, or illnesses experienced during the trip, to protection in the form of emergency evacuation, as well as protection against trip cancellations.

Why does this insurance company focus on the lowest travel insurance service on an international scale?  This is because, almost all people complain that they do not receive comprehensive insurance coverage, when choosing the type of domestic travel insurance.

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In a sense, when they travel abroad, but choose travel insurance in general, they will only get protection and insurance costs that are comparable to the cost of traveling within the country (domestic).

Some of them even complain that those who travel abroad cannot get comprehensive insurance coverage.  Even though there are such services, the premiums offered are usually somewhat higher, than travel insurance in general.

Some of the insurance benefits that you can get from the International Travel Insurance service from this Visitor Coverage include:

  •  Medical expenses and care during overseas trips
  •  Protection against lost baggage, luggage and wallet
  •  Protection against possible natural disasters during international travel
  •  Provide repatriation benefits (process of returning foreign nationals to their home country)
  •  Medical coverage for illness or recent injury
  •  Protection in the form of medical evacuation
  •  Coverage for emergency services such as hospitalization and surgery (surgery)
  •  Protection against care services due to Covid 19
  •  Insurance coverage for residents of the United States, as well as for non-US citizens, and
  •  A relatively low premium

For more information about the International Travel Insurance services provided by this Visitor Coverage, you can visit the official website/website directly.  Meanwhile, for those of you who want to contact the Customer Service of this insurance company, you can call the number +1-866-384-9104.

However, for more details, you can contact the Visitor Coverage head office located in Santa Clara, at 2350 Mission College Blvd #140, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United State of America.

2. Lowest Travel Insurance – World Nomads Group

With an insurance service known as World Nomads Travel Insurance, World Nomad Group offers protection for insurance participants who will travel, from the lowest travel insurance with a premium of only around USD 131, which is available in the standard package service, to the travel insurance package with the highest premium.  , which is offered by the explorer package.

Even though it’s possible, you choose a standard package with the lowest premium, but you don’t have to worry about the insurance benefits that you will get later.  Because this Australia-based insurance company offers insurance benefits which include:

  •  Protection against trip cancellations with a sum assured up to USD 2,500
  •  Baggage loss guarantee of USD 1,000
  •  Guarantee for delay with a sum insured of around USD 750 (with a maximum fund of USD 150 per day)
  •  Emergency health insurance coverage of up to USD 100,000, as well as
  •  Medical evacuation transportation service guarantee, with a sum insured of USD 300,000

Not only that, at least there is a difference between World Nomads Travel Insurance services and other travel insurance.  Among them:

  •  Provides protection against extreme sports activities.  There are at least 200 types of extreme sports that are guaranteed by this lowest travel insurance.  Some of them are scuba, parachuting, ATV riding, skiing, snow boarding, zip lining, snowmobiling, and others.
  •  Emergency assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week
  •  Part of the premium will be donated to several local communities

If you are interested in travel insurance services from the World Nomads Group, then you can contact several branch offices of the World Nomads Group located in a number of countries.  However, if you happen to be in Australia, then you can visit the head office directly, which is at Pty Limited at Governor Macquarie Tower, level 18, 1 Farrer Place, Sidney, NSW 2000, Australia.

For more details about this World Nomad Travels Insurance service, and other information about the World Nomads Group, you can visit the World Nomads Group website directly.

3. Lowest Travel Insurance – Trawick International

In addition to the two insurance companies above, Trawick International can be an option for those of you who want to use the lowest travel insurance.  With a premium of around USD 180 only, you will get several insurance benefits at once.

For example for the Save Travels Voyager package.  Where for this one travel insurance package, you will get insurance benefits in the form of:

  •  Protection against trip cancellations worth USD 100,000
  •  Medical coverage during the trip with the sum insured up to USD 250,000
  •  Protection against baggage loss and damage up to USD 1 million patriation
  •  USD 50,000 holiday nuisance protection
  •  Medical evacuation protection up to USD 200,000

With a number of these insurance benefits and with a relatively low premium, it would not be wrong if Forbes named this company from the United States as an insurance company with the best travel insurance package in 2022.

Not only that, this one travel insurance is also available for all travelers and tourists.  Whether it’s from among students, students, business people, families, and groups.  For more information, you can call +1-888-301-9289.

For those of you who are around Alabama, United States, you can visit Trawick International’s head office which is located at 300 Fairhope Ave Steg, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States of America.  Apart from this method, there are other ways you can contact this insurance company.  None other than by visiting the official website of Trawick International.

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4. Lowest Travel Insurance – AXA Assistance USA

This insurance company located in Chicago and Miami, United States of America offers premiums starting from USD 199. With this premium amount, AXA Assistance USA can be an option for those of you who are currently looking for the lowest travel insurance.

There are at least 3 travel insurance packages that you can choose from AXA Assistance USA.  Among them:

A. Lowest Travel Insurance – Silver Plans

You could say, Silver Plans is a travel insurance package with the lowest premium.  However, there are several insurance benefits that you can get if you choose this travel insurance package.  Among them:

  •  Coverage against trip cancellation with coverage of 100% or USD 100 per day (with maximum benefit up to USD 500)
  •  Protection against connection drops during travel for USD 500
  •  Medical evacuation protection up to USD 100,000
  •  Coverage against illness and accident of USD 25,000

B. Lowest Travel Insurance – Gold Plans

Gold Plans is another travel insurance package offered by AXA Assistance USA that you can choose from, but with a higher premium than Silver Plans.  Nevertheless, the insurance benefits offered are arguably more complete when compared to those offered by the Silver Plans package.

Where in addition to a number of benefits that have been provided in the Silver Plans package, insurance participants who choose the Gold Plans package can also obtain other insurance benefits which consist of protection for late baggage with an insured value of around USD 200, as well as protection for loss of personal belongings worth USD 750.

C. Lowest Travel Insurance – Platinum Plans

If you want more comprehensive insurance benefits, then you can choose the Platinum Plans insurance package.  Where for this type of package, you will not only get the same insurance benefits as those offered by the Silver and Gold packages, but also various other benefits, such as:

  •  Protection against cancellation and failure to ski, with a coverage of USD 25 per day
  •  Protection against failure to play golf, USD 500
  •  Protection for maintenance of sports equipment for USD 1,000
  •  75% guarantee, if you want to cancel the trip
  •  Money back guarantee for 10 days, from the time the trip was canceled

You can contact AXA Assistance USA via telephone number (312) 935-3500, or at (312) 935-1718, to choose the lowest travel insurance package.  Meanwhile, to find out the various benefits and premiums of all the packages offered, you can visit the AXA Assistance USA website.

However, if you live in the Chicago or Miami area, United States, you can visit the office directly, which is located at 122 South Michigan Ave, Suite 1100, Chicago, Illinois, 60603, or located at 703 Waterford Way, Suite 390, Miami,  Florida, 33126, United States of America.

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5. Lowest Travel Insurance – Go Ready Insurance

Another insurance company that offers the lowest travel insurance.  The name of the company in question is Go Ready Insurance.  Is an insurance company located in Pennsylvania, United States of America.

By paying a premium of only USD 221, you can already get a number of insurance benefits offered from a number of different packages.  For example, the VIP package that offers insurance benefits in the form of:

  •  Trip cancellation protection with coverage of 100%
  •  Protection against interruptions during the trip, with a coverage value of around 75%, as well as
  •  Medical evacuation protection up to USD 1 million

Meanwhile, for the Go Ready package, in addition to getting the same insurance benefits as the lowest travel insurance participants with the VIP package, those of you who choose the Go Ready package can also get other insurance benefits consisting of medical and dental costs of USD 500,000, patriation and  emergency evacuation of USD 500,000, as well as trip cancellation at a cost of 75% coverage.

Go Ready Insurance is located in Pennsylvania, United States of America.  Precisely in the Harrisburg area.  For those of you who happen to live near the area, you can visit Go Ready Insurance at 4507 N Front St, Suite 200, Harrisburg, PA 17110, United States of America, to get more information about the three packages offered.

Another way, besides visiting the office directly, is by visiting the official website of the lowest travel insurance service from Go Ready Insurance, or by contacting the Customer Service of this company at number (305) 455-0899.

lowest travel insurance  – That’s the 5th lowest travel insurance offered by the 5 best insurance companies.  Hopefully one of these travel insurance services will suit your needs and budget.  Happy traveling!


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