Most Expensive Wedding in the World

Most Expensive Wedding in the WorldA wedding day is an unforgettable moment, especially for the couple. Experiencing a magical wedding will check all your bucket lists. If you’re a bride-to-be and you want to make it magical, you might want to personalize it all. Have you ever imagined how the most expensive wedding in the world is?

The most expensive wedding is full of glamorous things, gleam, and glitter. A lucky bride whose wedding is entitled as the most expensive one is Vanisha Mittal, the daughter of London’s wealthiest man. Her father is Lakshmi Mittal, a steel tycoon.

Her wedding day was held on June 2004. She exchanged the wedding ring with Amit Bathia, a London banker. Their wedding was one of the most lavish celebrations with 5 days ceremony of a traditional Indian wedding.

What makes their wedding became one of the most expensive and what do they have for it? Check the details below to see how their wedding is on another level of luxury.

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Most Expensive Wedding in the World – The 2004 Lavish Wedding

A wedding invitation is usually designed to meet the couple’s personalities and their unique style. At Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bathia’s wedding, they make it to a whole new level. Their wedding invitation was a book of 20 pages of poetry, location descriptions, and event details.

Each invitation was delivered individually in an exclusive silver box. It shows how a wedding invitation can be exclusive and lavish.

For this 5-days ceremony, Mittal and Bathia invited 1000 guests, exclusively flown on 12 jets from India to Paris. Yes, they held their wedding in Paris and booked the Hotel le Grand Intercontinental for the guests. All of the hotel’s 600 rooms are occupied by their guests.

Their cost for accommodation is around $2 million.

Not only did their guests get the best accommodation, but also they got the top amenities for 24 hours. They got a snack bar, a beauty salon on the entire first floor, and three exclusive channels on TV to broadcast the wedding preparations, news, and movies.

Their guests were also pampered with the best services. They got exclusive meals prepared by 38 chefs who have 100 types of dishes. Mittal also provided luxury cars for transporting the guests who wanted to travel to the city.

Their magical wedding was also held at the palace of Versailles and the Chateaus Vaux-le-Vicomte in Jardin des Tuileries. There was also a fireworks display, held exclusively at the Eiffel Tower.

If those were not enough to celebrate the love of these two love birds, they have Bollywood stars attending their party and were paid a fantastic amount of money. They reportedly were paid over $500,000 for 30 minutes of performance.

The grand total of their wedding cost is $78 million. This is surely the most expensive wedding in the world with the best vendors and other amenities for the guests.

You can imagine how grand and lavish their wedding was. They also have their wedding day documented by a professional Bollywood director.

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Most Expensive Wedding in the World – How to Plan for Your Personalized Wedding Day

A lavish wedding is not only good for the guests, but also for the couple. Of course, it is one of the most important parts to make sure your wedding runs well. So, preparing and making firm planning for your wedding day is a must. So, you can find many things to make your wedding day come as what you want.

Planning for an amazing wedding day will never be easy, but not totally hard. When you put your heart into it, you can make sure your wedding day is just like what you want. So, here are some tips to make sure your wedding day is as pretty as your dream:

  1. Make sure to plan ahead of your wedding concept. If you want something simple and private, then you can choose the concept to make it true. Besides, making your wedding more lavish and opulent will also be good. Of course, it all depends on your budget. So, make sure you can be wise with your budget and spending.
  2. The cost of your wedding should not be a burden for you and your partner. In case you need good stuff at a higher price, you can press on other things to make sure you don’t run out of the budget. You can also choose a good thing that will make your wedding look unique and characterized.
  3. For everyone who’s looking for a good wedding day, you can simply choose how you deal with your vendors. Remember, wedding vendors are important to choose from as they are the professionals who will help you prepare your wedding. Although you might not hold the most expensive wedding in the world, you still have the one that suits your style.
  4. Consider the wedding dress and suits to be what you want. Choose the colors and accessories you will have. You need to feel confident when you’re on your wedding day. So, make sure you wear something that will make you feel beautiful and perfectly confident. You will also need to choose the best one that will be your signature.

Planning a wedding is not easy. However, you can always prepare it before the big day. When it comes to you being the center of attention for one day, you can also get many benefits from it. As you might know, you will also get many things that will be suitable to make your days more unforgettable.

A happy wedding is always a good start in your life. However, a beautiful marriage is also something you need to treasure. Living with your loved one in a beautiful marriage, growing together as a perfect couple, and nurturing each other for years is what you want to do in a long-term relationship.

Most Expensive Wedding in the World – When it comes to you to prepare your wedding day, you need to be selective in determining the vendors and other parts of your wedding day. Your wedding might not be the most expensive wedding in the world, but it is what you really need in your life.

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