3 Savings Goal App You Need to Try Right Now

Savings Goal App – Previously, we talked about money apps for teens that let them learn about finance at an early age. Today, we’re talking about different kinds of application. That’s right, the topic we chose for today is all about savings goal app because let’s face it, practicing saving your money is easier said than done.

So, when you have something that makes this process easier, why not go for it, right? Anyway, without further ado here are some of the savings goal app that you need to try if you’re having a problem curbing your spending impulses.

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The first savings goal app we’re going to be talking about today is Loot from Polybit Studio. Though it sounds mischievous, Loot helps you with your savings goals a lot.

As we all know it, putting your pennies in a jar is an effective way to save your money. But doing that has become harder day by day seeing as everything is starting to turn into digital currency. 

With Loot, you can go back to your old-school way of saving your money. Loot keeps track of your money through a personalized 3D money jar and by doing so, you will feel more rewarded when you put your money away in there. As a result, it will be a lot easier for you to achieve your savings goal through this method.

Not only that, but Loot also offers plethora of other services as well. There’s an in-app calculator that helps you calculate how long it’ll take for you to save for your goal based on the amount you’re putting away to Loot.

With Loot, you can track your savings goal by week, fortnight, or even a month, offering you the flexibility when compared to other savings goal app out there.

All in all, Loot is a solid app that can help you save more effectively. The crisp-and-clean UI, combined with its seamless user experience is also a plus point too. It’s a no-nonsense saving app that’s not flashy but actually functional instead.

Unfortunately Loot is currently only available for Apple iOS only. But if you use these phones and are having trouble reaching your savings goals, feel free to give Loot a try. 

Savings Goal

Speaking of a no-nonsense savings goal app that will have you save money more efficiently, here we have the aptly named Savings Goal from RMY Studio.

Similar with Loot above, Savings Goal visualize your savings goal in order to motivate you more. But, this one is a bit more to-the-point compared to Loot’s fancy money jar visualization. 

It’s got simple interface with a Dashboard showing you your savings goals with a progress bar showing how close you are at reaching them. There’s also the Records tab that shows you your previous saving goals that you’ve accomplished.

All of these things combined make Savings Goal by RMY Studio a very efficient app at helping you save your money for something important in life. It’s also free out-of-the-box so you don’t have to pay anything to start taking advantage of it.

Though of course if you want to, you can opt-in for its Premium features if you’re a power user of the app.

 Currently, it is only available for Android devices. So if you’re an Apple user, Loot might be better for you.


The next savings goal app we’re going to be talking about is Digit, and unlike the two previous ones we talked about earlier, Digit is available for both iOS and Android devices.

So, what is Digit?

Well, Digit is an app that do the savings for you. You create a savings goal, set up your bank account with its system, and voila, the app will save a portion of your money automatically into a ‘pot’.

Thanks to this system, Digit is really helpful if you’re the types of person who doesn’t have the time to be thinking about savings, but are absolutely in position to start doing so. It’s a smart system too as it’ll automatically adjust how much money is put into the pot depending on how you spend for the month. 

So if you’re having a particularly spendy month, Digit will put less money away into your account. The opposite also applies so if you’re sitting on a bunch of money on that particular month, it’ll take more money to save to your account.

Unfortunately though, while it is incredible and is available for both types of most-commonly used devices, Digit is not entirely free. Compared to the two above, you will have to pay if you want to continue using Digit for more than thirty days.

It gives a free one-month trial period, but after that it’ll charge you $5 a month to continue using its services.

It may seem counter-intuitive to pay a subscription service to a savings goal app, but if you’re the type of person that we talked about earlier, Digit is a godsent. 



And those were the three savings goal app we can talk about today. Apart from these three, there are of course a lot more savings goal app out there in that we didn’t get to talk about today. But from what we’ve tested so far, these three are the standouts. 

Most of them are free with the exception of Digit and they all work incredibly well at helping you reach your savings goal.


Anyway that’s all that we can say today for this article listing the different savings goal app out there that you can try. Thank you for reading, if you find this article useful, please feel free to share it with others who might be in need of something similar.

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Savings is a really helpful habit to develop after all, and though it is sometimes hard to do, it can be a lot easier with these apps helping you every step of the way.

Savings Goal App – That’s all from us for now, if you’ve any questions you’d like us to answer or if you have your own savings app that you’d like to share with us or others, leave them in the comments down below. We’ll see you all next time. See ya!

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