What is Sohanjit Finance

Sohanjit Finance is a company engaged in financial services, which is owned by Sohanjeet Singh Randhwa, who is a man of Indian descent.  Although previously unfavorable news had circulated from this company, this was not proven to be true.

For that reason, in this article, we will review important things about the company founded by Sohanjeet Singh Randhawa, and at the same time review the meaning of the name of this company.  The goal is none other than to make the public more confident about the credibility of this financial service company.

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 What is Sohanjit Finance?

It was rumored for some time that ROC had disqualified this company, as well as disabled the owner’s DIN, as a result of his failure to fill out the DIR-3 KYC form.

However, this rumor has not been proven true.  Even today, Sohanjit Finance is still standing, with Sohanjeet Sing Randhwa as the owner, and also the leader of the company.

Not only that, this DIN from Sohanjeet Sing Randwa, with DIN number 08761525, is still valid and has never been disqualified by ROC.  Where the code DIN 08761525 is part of 164(2).

Sohanjeet himself was previously known as the director of VOLVO Financial Service, which is one of the other financial companies in India.  Not only that, Sohanjeet is also known as the founder of Privatelimited.

With experience in managing these three companies, Sohanjeet can be considered as a multitalented company leader, who has a number of skills.  Some of them include:

  • Has expertise in automation functional testing that he has acquired for less than 4 years
  • Experience regarding web optimization, which he gained while joining Selenium WebDriver.  Especially with regards to Java combinations
  • Experience in application automation, which he gained when he joined MicroFocus UFT
  • Experience and expertise in the combination of Java API automation
  • Comprehensive experience and skills related to Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Knowledge of Disability Life Cycle Management, which covers the stages of the disability life cycle
  • Experience in orchestrating instruments, which he gained while working at Jerkins
  • Experience with testing frameworks, as was done with TestTNG and also Junit
  • Knowledge of waterfile testing approaches as well as Agile testing
  • The experience he gained when he joined one of the defects management software companies.  Such as HP ALM and also JIRA
  • Experience around version control technology, like the ones he gained when he joined Github as well as Bitbucket, and much more.

Although the name of the owner of this company is named Sohanjeet and is used for the company he founded, it turns out that the writing of the company name is not the same as the owner himself.

In a sense, although the pronunciation of Sohanjit Finance is almost the same as the pronunciation of its owner, namely Sohanjeet, however, it turns out that the writing is made differently.  This has actually been carefully calculated beforehand, which in addition to using the owner, this financial service company also turns out to have inserted several other meanings for each letter in the company name.

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It can even be said, every letter of the name Sohanjit is interpreted as a characteristic of each person, which has the prefix of the same name as written in the name of this company.  Among them:

 1.Sohanjit Finance – Letter ‘S’

For those of you whose names start with the letter S, then you are a typical person who has an open mind.  Especially when it comes to being open-minded about the things you admire.  In other words, even if you have a talent, and that talent is considered to be very admirable, but actually, you don’t need to overdo it.

Because as is known, talent alone is not enough.  Where if you have the determination to develop the potential that exists within you, then luck will be on your side, which will bring the talents you previously had into positive things.

A small example is when you do something for the happiness of others.  So indirectly, the talent that you have, which is accompanied by a strong determination, then these two things will be useful and have more meaning.

Whether you realize it or not, your personality can have its own charm.  Whether it’s for you personally, or for others, who have the same goal, namely to obtain the wealth that has been sought so far.


With a courage and flexibility that radiates from your personality, indirectly it can produce a pretty brilliant job, which is comparable to the amount of pay that is quite a lot, if used as a pension fund.  For example, relying on your retirement financial needs on Sohanjit Finance.

Meanwhile, if you only rely on a goal and determination that is done because it is ambitious, then in fact it will only lead you to the brink of failure.  Therefore, it is better if you always be realistic and open your mind (open mindedness), and start developing your own career.

Although indeed, a vision is very necessary in building and managing a company, but you need to think about other things.  One of them is to not always spread imagination and also waste energy unnecessarily.  Because both are just a mere waste.

Sometimes indeed, you need to listen to the advice of some people who you think are evil and sloppy (irregular) people, but are actually fluent in speaking.  In a sense, a criticism and also a few words that corner you, then in fact it can be a more motivation, for you personally.

That being said, business is one of the first things that comes to you.  Only then will pleasure come to you, as one of the points that will appear, after you run a business.

In other words, when you focus too much on work and business, as well as other things related to finance, then at that time, you may actually find it difficult to relax.

It’s even possible that, during those times, your thoughts will become a little idealistic, leading to a slightly naive mind.  At that time, too, then you will feel boredom, and need a pleasure.

Even though you are in such a condition, you will never lose control of being able to control your emotions.  In a sense, idealistic people tend to always be careful.

Especially in guarding his heart, and also entrusting your own heart and body to someone.  However, once you have started to trust someone, it is undeniable that you will continue to be fixated on them.  Especially in giving full trust to people you think can be trusted.


 2. Sohanjit Finance – The meaning of the letter ‘O’

The letter O in the word Sohanjit, which is also a prefix of your name, if indeed you have a name that starts with the letter ‘O’, it means that you are someone who has an open mind.

Where when you become a constant and sincere person, whether it’s when you become a friend, or when you play a lover.  Then it will actually offer more pleasure.

The word open-minded also means that when your head dominates you, compared to your own heart, then you will see the immediate impact on a wider scale.  Especially with regards to your next steps.

One of them is selfishness, which is an impact that you can feel directly from having a head that controls the way of thinking, which defeats the power of the heart.  Where as is known, selfishness will only thwart the plans, which you have made beforehand.

This will happen, if you do not change your views and direct guidance.  Especially in terms of making financial decisions.  Where you can beat your own selfishness, by changing your view to rely on Sohanjit Finance, as a financial service you can trust.

Even so, you still have to move actively, according to your mind and heart.  Because moving more actively is the right choice for your health.  Especially when compared to when you’re just sitting around, and doing nothing.


As is known, one of the causes of a misfortune, one of which comes from carelessness.  One of them can be caused by a carelessness, as a result of the effects of fantasy and the illusion of a love life.  Where it can be said as a disaster.

In other words, a loyal service, will certainly always be appreciated.  In contrast to a flirtatious attitude, which of course it will actually be a source of disappointment.  It may even bring bad luck to you personally.

The explanation above means that if you are an idealist in love, then take your time just to find a partner.  Because as explained earlier, you are an open-minded person, so there is no real problem for you, to accept someone’s presence in your heart.

It could even be said, even though you have a deep desire in sexual matters, you can control it, maybe even just keep it in your heart.  Because you are someone who has various potentials and advantages in directing that sexual energy to other things, which may later bring in some money, maybe even bring you some power.

In a sense, it’s okay for you to maintain your solitude in sexual matters (celibasy).  Although you have to do this for a long time.  Because the truth is, you are the type of person who is passionate, sensitive, but also a lover who really wants the same from your partner.  Just like what you have given him.

With your views like that, what makes you not stop to keep looking for an intensity, as well as diversity from your potential partner.  It also makes you not mind getting to know someone first, before actually choosing them as your partner.

Most likely, your attitude like this, which will later lead to a possessive attitude, which occurs within reasonable limits.  Because you feel, that your partner is the right person for you, and someone you can trust.  Therefore, you need to take care of it as best you can.

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 3. Sohanjit Finance – The meaning of the letter H of the name Sohanjit Finance

Sohanjit Finance is also written by including the letter H in it.  For those of you who use the letter H as the prefix of your name, then you can be sure, you are a typical person who has a minimal self-assessment.

In a sense, even though happiness is something that must be achieved, you don’t think of it as something that might hinder your career.  Because actually, that happiness can be obtained, when you pursue your own goals.

A small example is, when music and art are considered an achievement, theater and literature are ignored.  In fact, everything is still in the field of art, which should be equally appreciated, without the need to differentiate.

Criticism is indeed very painful for those who hear it, in which there are a number of people who are really interested and begin to explore certain fields.  Be it music, literature, theater, and other fields of art.  Maybe even with the field of art that he is involved in, it makes him have a high reputation in the eyes of the public.

So that it can be said that there should be no difference regarding the field chosen by each person, as long as these are still interrelated.  Because actually, pride in one’s achievements, it cannot raise the social position of that person, in social life (social strata).

In other words, no matter how big your name is, and no matter how high your career is, then you will still need a co-worker, or other company, that can help you earn an income.  Maybe even a partner who can help you gain power.  One example is Sohanjit Finance, which will help you financially.

You are the type of person who will give your partner/partner a certain amount of happiness, as soon as you make a commitment with them.  The gift you give is the best investment in your relationship with that person.

Even so, you are typically a frugal person.  Especially in using your money to shop, as well as to buy food.  In fact, you may even be very careful in interacting with someone, before you finally choose him as your partner / partner, and decide to commit to him.

Meanwhile, if you are a lover, you are a lover who is patient and passionate.  That way, you will treat your partner very well.  Whether it’s in giving gifts, or to treat him to a meal.


 4. Sohanjit Finance – Letter A

 Those of you who have a name starting with the letter A which is the same as the letter in the name Sohanjit, are interpreted as someone who tends to take a silent attitude when you are thinking about something.

This is very different from the attitude of most people.  Where when other people are motivated by enthusiasm and vitality, in fact these two things will actually make them vulnerable to various diseases.  It’s different if you take a silent attitude, then it will actually make you think clearly.

Not only that, an irritation and an attitude of losing your mind will actually cause problems in the family and also in terms of finances (financial).  In other words, everyone can overcome their shyness by engaging in a new activity.  However, this does not guarantee that in the future, there will be new events, which will allow him to migrate out of the country.

To anticipate this, it’s a good idea to rely on your financial problems to a financial service that you trust.  One of them is Sohanjit Finance, who will provide solutions for you regarding your financial problems.

If you are the type of person who likes to travel, then maybe, you will decide to live in a place very far from your current home.  Your irregular attitude will actually make you suffer in the future.

As is known, an ambition is obtained through hard work and also a careful execution.  Despite the fact that you are not the romantic type, then you want to do something more.  Where in fact you are a successful business person, then whatever you want to have, you will do anything to get it, as long as it is possible.

In fact, you’ve probably grown fed up with flirting, and you’re not interested in sticking with someone who always pretends to be gentle, sweet, and humble, just to get your attention.  Because of course, you are a typical person who is straightforward and honest.

Even when it comes to a person’s physique, you’re the type of person who doesn’t think much of it.  But if you are already attracted to someone, then you will do various ways to have them.

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 5. Sohanjit Finance – Letter N

The letter N in the company name Sohanjit, as well as the prefix of your name, means that even if you start with this letter, you are a typical person who likes to work, but in general, you need time to rest.

In other words, even if your finances are sufficient, you still think that Sohanjit Finance is the only financial service that will help you financially.  Especially when you decide to retire.

Because only you can overcome your own doubts.  A number of improvements as well as self-improvement will help you overcome any fears.  On the other hand, if you always follow your instincts, then it might get you into pretty serious trouble.

Therefore, always control your mind and heart, then you will get more friends.  Always focus on what you are doing right now, and avoid always thinking about all the worries that exist.


 6. Sohanjit Finance – The prefix ‘J’

If the prefix of your name is taken from the letter J, then you are the type of person who tends to be curious about things that are taken for granted by most people.  If so, then you can trust your impulses.  Because an intuition is very important.

Especially in producing an intelligence that can manifest itself. It is undeniable that fraud in the business world will be very dangerous.  Therefore, do your business very carefully, which is done with a controlled creativity, then believe me, it will bring some wealth.  Maybe even a higher level of social status than you currently have.

 7. Sohanjit Finance – The Letter ‘I’

The letter I in the name Sohanjit Finance which is also the initials of your name, means that you are a stubborn person.  For you, a happy family is a gift that you can only get, after you work hard.

Your greatest talent is motivation as well as enthusiasm.  You’re also not afraid to experiment.  However, when you judge someone, the intelligence factor may be the thing that influences you.  In fact, maybe this factor will be an obstacle for you in determining a partner.


 8. Sohanjit Finance Letter T

The last letter you will find in the name of the financial services company Sohanjit Finance is the letter ‘T’.  If you use this letter to prefix your name, it can mean that you are a person who likes to spend time with your friends.

Where you enjoy interacting with other people.  Even for you, getting along with people who work in different companies from yours is not a difficult thing.  However, when it comes to romance, you tend to be introverted and rely more on your partner to take the initiative on their own.

Sohanjit FinanceThose are some of the characteristics of each person whose name is taken from the letters in the name of this financial services company Sohanjit Finance.  Although perhaps, some of you do not believe in the number of meanings of the name described above, it can be said that the name Sohanjit is taken from the letters that contain meaning, which are interrelated with one another.



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